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    Yuri Bukovski The Little Cuckoo

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The tale tells, how one day a Cuckoo threw his egg into the nest of a Blue Tit. The Blue Tit hatched an egg, brought out a chick, nursed it and put it on the wing. And when the Cuckoo grew up and became much, much bigger than the Blue Tit, he also always took care of her and called her his mother.

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The Little Cuckoo

...And so she did, and in twelve days the chick pecked its way out of the egg. So ugly! Didn’t look like anything. Some freak - no fluff, all pink, wrinkly and already almost as big as the Blue Tit. He opened its mouth and instead of a “Hello!” he shouted:


“It’s a Little Cuckoo! And that grey bird hiding near the nest wasn’t a falcon - it was a cuckoo bird!” the Blue Tit figured, “I’ve heard stories about how cuckoo moms leave their eggs in other birds’ nests. So here I am, with a Little Cuckoo that I hatched. What am I going to do with him now?”

And as if answering her question, the newborn chick demanded again:


Oh, what can you do? The Blue Tit started raising the cuckoo chick. His appetite was astonishing! He ate more than the rest of the family put together...